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A smart move sit less at home

These days, most of us sit a lot- 16 hours a day or more in some cases. Don’t believe us? Think about the typical American day. Add up two hours for meals, one hour sitting in the car, bus, or train while commuting, eight hours behind a computer at work, up to five hours watching TV, and seven hours sleeping. That adds up to 23 out of 24 hours off your feet.

Research has shown that this sedentary behavior isn’t so great for us*- even if we get in a workout most days. It’s the long stretches of sitting that are most harmful. So aim to get out of your seat more often throughout the day. It’s easier than you might think.

First, try to notice your “sitting time” at home over a few days or a week. That can make you more aware of when and where you’re sitting too long without getting up. Then try any of the ideas here, and take a stand!

At home:

  • Pace while talking on the phone.
  • Stay on your feet while watching TV, and use the time to iron clothes, lift weights, jump rope.
  • Be efficient! Take the laundry up the stairs in a few trips instead of one, wash dishes by hand instead of putting in the dishwasher, use a watering can instead of the hose, and so on.