Weight Watchers
At Work Program

Lose weight and stay motivated.

Weight Watchers in the workplace? You bet. Weight loss and weight management require a long-term, well-rounded commitment to healthy eating and living that meets your unique needs and personal goals.

With Weight Watchers At Work, you’ll learn to eat healthier, move more, live happier and lose weight—by joining convenient, motivating meetings at your workplace.

Reach your health and weight loss goals with Weight Watchers At Work.

  • Attend onsite 30 to 45 minute meetings that fit into your busy schedule.
  • Receive personal guidance and encouragement from a trained Weight Watchers meeting leader.
  • Enjoy built-in support of your coworkers to get started and stay on track.

Succeed with a scientifically proven approach.

The WW Freestyle™ program delivers our most flexible approach yet. It makes deciding what to eat easier while encouraging you to move more and find activities that fit your lifestyle. You’ll get tips and inspiring ideas to fit real food into any prescribed dietary discipline so over time, smart choices become second nature. At Work meetings will provide you with inspiring lifestyle tips and ideas, and you’ll discover fun and fulfilling ways nourish your whole self. Learn more about WW Freestyle.

Get started today! Send an e-mail to your employer or HR rep and tell them you’d like to get Weight Watchers At Work.