Weight Watchers
At Work Program

Success story

Joe – An At Work success

By Terri Stansell, Leader and Writer

Weight Watchers At Work not only will help employees create a healthy lifestyle and lose weight and it will also help employers by creating a healthy workplace. Below is a Success Story for one of our At Work Members and also the benefits his company gained from offering At Work.

Joe’s workplace offered an At Work meeting during their lunch hour. His employer incentivized the employees who joined the At Work Weight Watchers meeting, offering to pay part of the membership fees if the employee attended a certain number of meetings. Having a meeting on his lunch break and not having to leave work to attend the meeting made this a convenient choice for Joe and the employer incentive made it a home run.

Joe joined the Weight Watchers At Work program in August 2016. Before joining he found that he had to sit and rest, after a task as simple as tying his shoes. He knew he needed a lifestyle change.

Joe found that the At Work meeting provided everything he needed. The meetings gave him accountability, support and information that would help him to make the changes necessary to reach his goals. The At Work meeting provided some additional built-in support too because he worked and attended Weight Watchers with his co-workers.

Joe said when he was struggling during the day, it was easy to walk over to another member at his workplace and talk for a few minutes. The comrade he had with his co-workers also helped create a better work environment for everyone at the company.

Though Joe did not find his way to a gym, he did find adding activity was easier. He and his co-workers would pair up and take quick walks during afternoon breaks. During these walks, they would talk shop and create new business ideas, which Joe wouldn’t have come up with just sitting at his desk. Walking with co-worker members helped Joe not only with work ideas, but also helped him get in his fitness. Both were BIG WINS!

Using the convenient digital tools made Weight Watchers an easier fit for Joe. Tracking on the app helped him make better food choices during his lunch hour and the barcode scanner made finding SmartPoints values simple.

Before Weight Watchers, Joe ate out often for lunch and still does. Now he uses eTools, the Weight Watchers tracking app, which helps him make better food choices during his lunch hour.

Here’s some of the non-scale victories Joe has been motivated by:

  • Health changes: His blood pressure dropped resulting in Joe’s health professional discontinuing his blood pressure medications and Joe’s cholesterol was normal for the first time EVER!
  • At work, Joe finds himself reaching for fruits and vegetables, automatically, when looking for a snack…. instead of the chocolate, cookies, and other sweets.
  • Joe is happier! He looks at things differently and feels more positive. And not just more positive toward others, but toward himself, a HUGE change for Joe.
  • Joe has always loved ties, but couldn’t wear them for a long time. Now he wears a tie, every day, not because he has to but because he CAN.

Joe reached his goal in 2017 having lost 55 pounds. He is excited and motivated to stay at his goal and now weighs what he did when he got out of the Army 23 years ago.

Now Joe lives this life to the fullest, celebrating every victory…. scale and non-scale.