Weight Watchers
At Work Program

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Together, we have the opportunity to make Weight Watchers a meaningful, valuable benefit to your employees.

At Work meetings: A community of support.

Meetings create camaraderie within your workforce that benefits your company and your employees—and even employees' families. A weekly 30 to 45-minute meeting held during the workday (or before or after work) makes At Work meetings cost efficient, time efficient, and convenient.

A specially trained At Work program meeting leader provides experienced guidance and inspires life-changing results. And participants also have access to amazing digital tools to help keep them on track.

Your At Work Program: easy to administer.

Weight Watchers At Work is easy to implement. A minimum number 15 of employees must be enrolled, so separate companies can pool their interested employees within an office park or building. Here’s your task:

  • Choose popular meeting times and locate an available space for your onsite meetings.
  • Decide who pays the membership fee—your company, your employee, or some combination.
  • Connect our range of services to your current preventive health strategies and initiatives:
    • Promotion & Engagement - All the marketing tools you'll need to recruit employees and communicate program information in fresh and exciting way.
    • Benefit Offerings - Variations of the program that work best for your work environment and employees.
    • Member Data & Reporting - An insightful analysis on participants and results.
    • Account Management & Implementation - Access to a dedicated account manager to help enroll and engage employees.

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