Weight Watchers
At Work Program

Getting employees healthier in the workplace.

Weight Watchers of Arizona offers the platinum standard when it comes to promoting health and wellness in the workplace, thanks to our comprehensive approach including diet, exercise, and behavior modification. And making the most of the worksite environment where employees can support each other, Weight Watchers At Work Meetings are the most convenient and effective way to deliver the Weight Watchers program to your employees.

Improve employees’ health with weight watchers At Work.

With many cost effective options, the Weight Watchers at Work Program coordinates well with existing wellness campaigns that may already be in place at your company. Let’s work together to serve your employees and promote a healthier workplace.

  • Convenient And Efficient - Employees attend onsite 30- to 45- minute meetings fit into their busy schedules while tapping into the power of built-in group support from their coworkers.
  • Trained At Work Leaders - Employees receive personal guidance and encouragement from a trained Weight Watchers meeting leader.
  • A Healthy Investment - Helping to control weight and obesity-related health conditions in your workforce can help curb the ever-rising costs of medical benefits.

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