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Every Member should know of these favorite zero Point foods and tips!

  • Shrimp - sautéed with a little olive oil and served over steamed stir fry vegetables. Cold on a salad of mixed greens with mangoes and strawberries and Bolthouse merlot vinaigrette dressing. — Sue M.
  • Poached chicken breast skinless and boneless, several at one-time. Great add in to salads, sandwiches, veggie soup, etc. — Lyndie S.
  • Ranch dressing dip made with 0 POINT yogurt, served with cut up zucchini, celery, jicama and carrots. It is a great snack or to take to parties. — Margy W.
  • My go to 0 point item has been wedges of Dill Pickles. They are cool, refreshing, CRUNCHY and seem to stop a craving when one starts! — Partricia T.
  • Salmon!!! It can be eaten for breakfast (in an omelet), brunch (Smoked Salmon recipes and many others), lunch (as a salad topper) or dinner as an entree. — JuanTe D.
  • My new favorite is beans and corn. I like to make a cold bean salad with red and green peppers, purple onions, corn, pinto beans, and black-eyed peas. I use artificial sweetener, chili powder, and white wine vinegar for flavor. It’s great with low point chips or just by itself. — Lacey M.

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