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Success Story

Amy's Race Through Her WW Life Part 2

By Amy C., Leader and Writer

Ultimately it was the second hardest goal of my life: one that I was fully in control of the outcome and would require a long term commitment, which is a weakness of mine but I did it.

A short while after that race, I was ready to throw in the towel again and I was introduced to Beyond the Scale® and SmartPoints® and asked to give it a try before it was presented to members. For years I had said that my coffee creamer was sacred and I would never give it up, but when it suddenly cost as much as half my total breakfast I became real honest about its true value to me. I don’t really like coffee, I like coffee creamer (and coffee is just the best delivery system for it). I did some research and have found several options that I really like for only a couple points a day. I got real about my sugar intake and started tracking (honestly) again.

“I was thrilled!”

Over the next year I was able to take off those extra 6-8 and an additional 8! I was thrilled! I had this! I was an expert! I was maintaining that loss for a couple years now! I was a rock star!

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed some cake.

There was so much to think about: lumpectomy? Mastectomy? Which kind of reconstruction? Oncologist? Plastic Surgeon? Radiation? Time off work? My weight shouldn’t have been at the top of the list, but there it was. However, it wasn’t all negative. I was told by my oncologist that I was too thin to choose a certain type of reconstruction and I darn near kissed her!

I was researching my diagnosis when I saw an article stating that obesity causes breast cancer and my first reaction was “well it didn’t cause mine.” This seems like a simple thought, but trust me, it’s not. It’s a completely different weight that has been lifted off of me thanks to Weight Watchers. I’m not going to say I didn’t worry about the scale. I’ve seen what happens after surgery, especially after an emotional surgery. It was always in the back of my mind.

“My fellow WW members missed me.”

After the surgery, I became very close friends with my recliner. My husband was able to stay home and take care of me for a few weeks but he had to return to the office at some point, if no reason other than so we could stay married. It was summer and most of my friends have young kids who were out of school and needed supervision. We don’t see each other every week so even though I was on my friends’ minds, it was really my fellow WW members who missed me. They felt my absence more than anyone else in my life and they let me know.

At my most lonely times, I would remember a card would be arriving every Saturday signed by each person at my Thursday meeting. When I felt chilly, I could wrap myself in the beautiful shawl knitted by a member. When I felt overwhelmed I could listen to the music provided by an iTunes gift card. They spoke love, without speaking food.

So I didn’t finish off my year being 8 pounds beneath my goal weight like last year. I did finish a 5k surrounded by my Weight Watchers family just 2 months after my last surgery. The fact that I even felt it important to get moving again was evidence of all the change in my life. I also actually let people help me, not assume that I could not only do it all but needed to prove to everyone I could. I accepted compliments at face value by saying “thank you” and not adding a “but”.

“I learned to forgive myself and accept my imperfections.”

I learned how much I needed others and how much they need to be needed. I learned to forgive myself and accept my imperfections (well sometimes anyway, I’m still a work in progress). Not all of my choices were perfect by any means but that’s not what this journey is about. It’s about learning. It’s about changing. It’s about growing. I seem to be doing that a little bit more every step of the weigh.

So if you’re looking for some support in this journey, come see us. If you’re looking for a cheerleader, come see us. If you’re looking for some consolation, come see us. If you’re looking to get healthier, happier and feel more in control, come see us. And if you’re a woman over 40, go get your mammogram!

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