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Earn FitPoints and Stay Cool

Earn FitPoints and Stay Cool

This month our staff and members at Weight Watchers of Arizona share suggestions to get more FitPoints. They share how to stay cool while during these hot days. Come back each month to get new tips and tricks you can use on your journey.

  • Mall Walking. Malls open early and remain open after close. — Stacey A.
  • I paddle on a dragon boat team at Tempe Town Lake. — Tami R.
  • Swimming/water aerobics this time of year are great and in Tucson there is a pool that you can walk in. — Amy C.
  • I have a long straight hallway in my house and when I can’t get outside to walk and I literally do miles in my house! 10 minutes at a time throughout the day, up and down that long hallway!! — Linda S.
  • Lots of members are signing up for gym membership during the heat. — Niki M.
  • Going out early in the morning (since it gets lighter earlier) and get your walk in, especially if you have a fat dog, you both benefit from the activity. — Linda Y.
  • Some Members in Lake Havasu City participate in weight lifting/strength training during the summer months. And hydrate...hydrate...hydrate. — Coriene M.

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