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Ready to jump in?

The best way to learn the plan is to start living it. Weight Watchers' SmartPoints® is a point value system assigned to everything you eat. Every point value assigned to foods and drinks are designed to help meet your weight loss goals while improving your overall quality of health. Here are 5 simple steps to get you underway!

  • Look up SmartPoints values. Every food has a SmartPoints value, based on its nutrition; you can find SmartPoints values in your online Tracker, or in a pocket guide from your leader. You get personalized a SmartPoints Budget to spend on anything you like: a daily Target plus Weekly SmartPoints that can be used as cushion if you need them.
  • Keep track of what you eat and drink. Tracking helps you lose weight. It makes you aware of what and how much you’re eating and drinking, and helps you stick to your SmartPoints Budget. You don’t have to be perfect; estimating is fine if you’re not sure.
  • Stay connected. Come to your Meeting each week and use our mobile app.
  • Take care of your whole self: Pick one thing you love to do and do it. (It doesn’t have to be big-calling a friend counts!)
  • Celebrate victories large and small. Every step in the right direction is a step to lifelong success.